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Blackwood, South Australia

Lara Thomas, ConsultantLara Thomas


Lara is a CPAP Consultant with extensive experience with ventilation, broad CPAP and sleep disorders. She provides education and hands-on support to ensure your CPAP treatment can effectively control your sleep apnea to improve your health and wellbeing.

Dr Carissa Yap, Respiratory & Sleep Physician, MBBS, FRACPDr Carissa Yap

Sleep Specialist, MBBS, FRACP

Dr Carissa Yap is a specialist Respiratory and Sleep Physician who practices with a personalised, caring approach to suit the needs of individual patients. Dr Yap also specialised in Sleep Medicine at Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health (AISH) which is renowned nationally as a leading tertiary centre for Sleep Medicine.

She consults at Stirling, Brighton and Kent Town.

Brian Lee, Sleep and Respiratory AnalystBrian Lee

Sleep and Respiratory Analyst

Brian has a Bachelor of Science at Flinders University and has 17 years experience as a Sleep and Respiratory Analyst in both the public and private systems. He facilitates a smooth and easy process for your home-based sleep study experience.

  • Support

    Are you struggling with treatment?

    Support, Are you struggling with treatment?
    • CPAP downloads
    • mask fitting
    • machine cleaning
    • machine and mask maintenance
    • spare parts

    We can monitor the effectiveness of your CPAP treatment. We provide support for CPAP maintenance, including tips on machine and mask cleaning, CPAP downloads and data analysis.

    If you’re feeling tired, having difficulty concentrating during the day or have started snoring again, we can help ensure your CPAP is optimised for your current condition.

  • Home Sleep Tests

    Do you SNORE or suffer from excessive daytime sleepiness?

    Home Sleep Tests, Do you SNORE or suffer from excessive daytime sleepiness?
    • non-invasive, overnight test
    • equipment setup by our Sleep Specialist
    • analysis of results for a diagnosis and possible sleep solutions

    A home sleep test is a very accessible and cost effective way of diagnosing sleep problems, such as snoring or sleep apnea. It is important to recognise the symptoms and take this simple test to see if you’re at risk. This will enable you to seek treatment for sleep disorders as early and as quickly as possible.

    Home sleep testing by The CPAP Room is carried out using the latest technologies from the world’s leading sleep companies.

  • CPAP Trials

    Recently diagnosed with Sleep Apnoea?

    CPAP Trials, Recently diagnosed with Sleep Apnoea?
    • trials of CPAP machines
    • variety of CPAP machines & masks
    • tailored fitting

    Make an appointment for a consult to determine which CPAP machine would suit you best. Following the initial consult, we’ll follow up with you weekly to optimise which is the best machine and treatment to control your sleep apnoea. We use machines from popular manufacturers so we always have machines that suit you.


Thank you for your caring, all round, and especially in regards to my case, very happy with the new machine!

Rob Potter


Our consulting rooms are located just 25 minutes from the Adelaide CBD.

Consultations are available by appointment.


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